As one of the primary professional development providers for the Illinois State Board of Education, Early Childhood Education, we offer you the Community/Program Professional Development Collaboration online request system. This system was created to assist programs when scheduling professional development in a timely fashion that may not be readily available and/or scheduled in your area. Please note that requests may be declined due to scheduling and/or presenter availability.

Administrators and programs should refer to the professional development calendar before making a request, as a workshop and/or webinar may already be scheduled in a local region. Requests are reviewed and may be deferred to your local STAR NET region if we are unable to meet the request, due to time, instructor or location restraints. If a workshop and/or webinar is already scheduled for the program year, your request may not be honored.

Workshops scheduled must be aligned with the Illinois State Board of Education's goals as well as consideration of  the program's most recent Early Childhood Environmental Rating System (ECERS) and ISBE Compliance Checklist scores will be taken into consideration when scheduling a professional development workshop. Workshops are scheduled normally from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm (5 hours of content). A follow up in the form of a webinar and/or an on-going professional development activity in order to expand and develop new skills learned is required.