Professional Development

There is nothing more important in advancing a child’s opportunities in life than early education – and nothing more vital to that education than the teacher. Professional Development plays a critical role in helping educators stay abreast of current issues in education, current research and best practice. The goal of the Early Childhood Center of Professional Development program is to provide the tools and resources to build and enhance the skills of early educators in the State of Illinois.

On this page you will find links to our professional development calendar that includes workshops and webinar opportunities.

Illinois Teaching & Learning Standards

All of the trainings offered by Early Childhood Center of Professional Development are applicable to the Illinois Professional Teaching Standard on Instructional Delivery, “The teacher understands how individuals grow, develop, and learn and provides learning opportunities that support the intellectual, social, and personal development of all students.” You can find the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards at the Illinois State Board of Education's

Unless otherwise indicated, STAR NET trainings are applicable to all of the Illinois Early Learning Standards. You can find the Illinois Early Learning Standards at

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