Everybody Wins- Social Problem Solving in Preschool

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Archived Webinars
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Social/Emotional Development
Jonathan Fribley

1.5-hour webinar that took place on October 13, 2020.

From disagreements about who gets the playdough to one child sitting in another’s space, conflicts are a regular part of life with young children.  And they can be hard!  They sometimes end with one or both children still upset and the teacher feeling like she should wear a referee uniform.  Young children are still learning how to resolve these difficulties so how we respond matters not only to whether there’s peace in the classroom but also teaches children how to respond next time.  In “Everybody Wins” we will utilize a social problem solving approach that helps children resolve issues to everyone’s satisfaction while building the skills and routines for children to resolve conflicts on their own.   We will first explore the emotional and social dynamics of conflict.  We then practice a step-by-step protocol to constructively resolve the immediate conflict as well as build the cognitive and emotional skills to handle  future disagreements.  Note: this session is consistent with the Pyramid Model Problem Solving and Second Step’s Problem Solving approaches as well as restorative justice.