The Storytizing Approach: Developing Critical Literature Thinkers

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Archived Webinars
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Language Arts/Literacy
Allen Rosales

1.5-hour webinar that took place on October 19, 2020.

Storytizing is a framework and approach that teacher can use to engage children in critical literature-inquiry experiences that focus on developing children’s understanding of the character, setting and plot components of any storybook. It is an art form in that it develop’s teacher’s capacity to engage children critically in storybooks and in student-created stories. Child-created stories is one of the major outcomes of storytizing whereby teachers and students engage in long-term literature studies. The Storytizing Approach provides a framework and strategies to help educators engage children in ongoing, in-depth and sustained learning experiences. This process is fundamental as it moves children from a passive to an active literacy environment where children learn to become authentic authors and illustrators. This presentation will demonstrate how the Storytizing framework and approach can enhance educator’s literacy, curriculum and interaction practices.