Tuning In to Build Language in Powerful Interaction® (W2)

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Jonathan Fribley

1.5-hour webinar that took place on October 21, 2019.

Powerful Interactions Series:

In a Powerful Interaction®, an educator intentionally connects with a child in order to extend that child’s learning.  This series of webinars will utilize the Powerful Interactions (Dombro, Jablon and Stetson) process of “Step 1, Be Present, Step 2, Connect, Step 3 Extend Learning” to strengthen our skills at relationship-affirming interactions that also support learning.  All participants should find a straightforward set of tools for connecting with children and extending learning.  Head Start educators and others that use the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) will appreciate the simple, usable process for joining “Emotional Support” with the “Instructional Support” dimensions of Language Modeling, Quality of Feedback and Concept Development. 

It is strongly recommended to attend webinar 1 as a foundation for the webinars that follow.

Webinar 2
Children learn language from sustained back-and-forth interactions with responsive adults.  In this webinar we will think together about how the three steps of a Powerful Interaction create an optimal context for extending children’s language learning in ways that meet the language skills and interaction patterns of diverse learners. For CLASSers, we will utilize each of the CLASS Language Modeling indicators!

Participants are welcome to study the book Powerful Interactions: How to Connect with Children to Extend Learning (Dombro, Jablon and Stetson) as a supplement to the webinars.

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