Understanding the Mathematics Found in Exploration, Investigation and Play

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Archived Webinars
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STEAM - Mathematics
Allen Rosales

1.5-hour webinar that took place on November 4, 2019.

Part 1 of 3-Part Math Series
It is recommended to participate in all 3 in this series.

Mathematizing is the process of understanding the math occurring within children's daily lives. The quality of materials dictates the quality of the mathematical thinking children will process. The exploration of materials builds the logical-mathematical skills required for understanding mathematics. The investigation of math concepts within real-world applications develops the understanding of the mathematical relationships found within structures and their function. Play is an opportunity to use math language and inquiry to communicate and express one's understanding of the world around us. This webinar will present some strategies to support teachers as they plan for incorporating powerful math explorations, investigations and play experiences.

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