Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards-Revised (IELDS) for Preschool

Recognize ways that the preschool benchmarks can be incorporated in every aspect of the preschool program including the environment, (e.g., daily routines, meaningful play experiences, and large and small group timesDescribe what the IELDS are and how using them focuses on developmentally appropriate practices for preschool children; Identify the guiding principles, purposes and recommended uses of the IELDS; Determine how the IELDS were developed and how they fit into the Birth-12 continuum; Explain strategies to effectively connect the preschool benchmarks and play-based curriculum in the preschool environment; Articulate ways to involve families in understanding the IELDs and to work in partnership with families to help their children grow, develop, and learn

Gateways Content Areas: (D) - Curriculum or Program Design
CDA Content Area: (8) - Child Development

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