Observation and Assessment (We know we are teaching...Are the students learning?)

Determining how teaching experiences are impacting what early learners know and are able to do is an important part of the curriculum and instruction process. The combination of authentic observation and assessment is a critical piece of a balanced teaching and learning experience and gives educators the opportunity to collect the information that tells us if young children are learning what we are teaching and how to use that data to build on student achievement or address barriers to student achievement.  Just as early learners are diverse, authentic observation and assessment must be diverse to give an accurate portrayal of each student. A variety of authentic observation and assessment strategies will be defined and discussed to help teachers ask and answer, are my young students learning?

(Webinar 3 in a series of 5)

For those that attend this webinar, a one hour “Table Talk” with Dr. Antoinette Taylor will be held on 11/18/20 from 4:00-5:00 for participants to have real time conversations that promote seeking and sharing of wisdom across the Early Childhood Education and Care Community. Together we will create a blueprint for building sustainable, evidenced based, high quality Early Childhood Education and Care practices. ISBE credit will be given for this Zoom session. A link to register for this private event will be provided after completion of this webinar.

Gateways Topics: Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Observation, Evaluation & Documentation
Gateways Content Areas: (C) Observation and Assessment
Gateways CDA Content Areas: (7) Observing/Recording Behavior

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Parent Educators/Family Specialists
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Teacher Assistants/Paraprofessionals
ASMT = Assessment
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