Workshop/Webinar Finder

The Workshop/Webinar finder gives you the ability to search our calendar of professional development using different criteria to assist you in selecting professional learning that supports your professional growth and results in better outcomes for young children.

Workshops and webinars are offered on the following topics:

  • Administration & Leadership
  • Assessment
  • Curriculum
  • Diverse Learners
  • Family & Community Engagement
  • Language Arts/Literacy
  • Professional Knowledge
  • Social/Emotional Development
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)

The workshops and webinars are categorized into three different training levels: Introductory/Awareness, Intermediate/Application, Advanced/Mastery. These levels provide Early Childhood educators an opportunity to acquire foundational knowledge, apply what they have learned, and advance their practice. For each workshop and webinar there is a description of the content, the learning objectives, and the training level.



Workshop and Webinar Finder

Status Workshop Date Location
Defining Early Childhood a Multi-tiered System of Supports Framework 4pm - 6pm Webinar
Understanding the Mathematics Found in Exploration, Investigation and Play 4pm - 5:30pm Webinar
Implementing Early Childhood Multi-tiered System of Support Best Practices 4pm - 6pm Webinar
Bring Active Play Indoors: Facilitating Gross Motor Development in the Classroom 4pm - 5:30pm Webinar
Supporting Young ELs' Social Emotional Development in Culturally Appropriate Ways 4pm - 5:30pm Webinar
Building Mathematical Connections and Relationships that Promote School Readiness 4pm - 5:30pm Webinar
Mission Nutrition: Decoding MyPlate for Families 4pm - 5:30pm Webinar
The Power of Shared Reading 4pm - 5:30pm Webinar
The Power of Shared Writing 4pm - 5:30pm Webinar