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March 2012 (Authentic Assessment in Early Childhood)

Additional professional development workshops offered by other agencies throughout the state of Illinois.

The Illinois Early Intervention Training Program offers qualified workshops that award Early Intervention Credit.

The Gateways to Opportunities Registry http://www.ilgateways.org/en/statewide-online-training-calendar 


Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards (IELDS)
The Early Childhood Center of Professional Development has developed the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards (IELDS) Tools for Teachers Kit - a collection of resources and materials to support practitioners in implementing the revised standards and communicating these standards to families. The resources include crosswalks of the IELDS with the Illinois Early Learning (Birth – Age 3) Guidelines, the Head Start Framework, and Kindergarten Standards. The kit also includes posters of the IELDS highlighting the Preschool Benchmarks and examples of these Benchmarks. Booklets titled “Standards Start at Home” (in English and Spanish) are included as a family’s guide to early learning. The kits have been distributed to teachers in various program settings, Early Childhood professional development providers, and Early Childhood Education faculty. Recipients have provided positive feedback on the effectiveness of the tools for integrating the IELDS in their work. All the materials in the IELDS Tools for Teachers Kit are available for download at:

The Illinois Early Learning Project: http://illinoisearlylearning.org/ields/


The Center Library

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Videos in educational toys and games are part and parcel of the early learning process both at home and at school.   Educators and staff support  must take care to be informed on the proper content of videos prior to incorporating them into lesson plans.

Publications highlight developmentally appropriate practices, family involvement, observation and assessment, language, literacy, culture, health, special education, and community collaboration.

The Early Childhood Center of Professional Development provides teachers with information from - and access to - organizations, councils, clearinghouse, associations and programs of every imaginable nature.

How do administrators and teachers respond appropriately to Response to Intervention?