WIDA Early Years

ISBE and The Center: Early Childhood Professional Learning are excited to announce that the early care and education community now has access to the WIDA Early Years online learning modules. These modules focus on supporting young multilingual children, ages 2.5 to 5.5 years. Multilingual children, commonly referred to as dual language learners, are children who are developing more than one language.

Each self-paced, interactive module provides opportunities for reflection and offers suggestions for applying content to local practice. The following five modules are available:

· Dual Language Learners and their Families

· WIDA Early English Language Development Standards Framework

· Dual Language Learners with Disabilities

· Scaffolding Language Learning

· Promising Practices

We encourage program leaders, administrators, trainers, and coaches to view the modules and consider ways the modules can serve as a resource for staff. For example, what are the professional learning needs of your staff and/or audiences when it comes to multilingual children? The modules can be used in staff development sessions and/or shared with individual educators or teams of educators, such as those engaged in professional learning communities.

Visit the WIDA Early Years online modules.

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