ABLe CHANGE Framework

The ABLe Change Framework is a model designed to help communities and states more effectively address the significant social issues affecting children, youth, and families. The model is based upon that premise that communities can achieve transformative results when they make local system and community conditions the intentional targets of their change initiatives, when they pursue the effective implementation of their efforts, and when they build a community engagement infrastructure that supports real-time learning and action across diverse stakeholders and sectors.
Designed by Drs. Pennie Foster-Fishman and Erin Watson at Michigan State University, the ABLe Change Framework draws upon research from the successes and failures of prior organizational, community, service system, and international change efforts. This website includes some of the tools and processes used as part of the ABLe Change approach. While the content on this website is intended to complement ABLe Change training and technical assistance, access to these materials is free.