First Five Years Fund

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a smarter, stronger, healthier, and more productive America through early childhood education for disadvantaged children through bi-partisan federal advocacy.

What We Do

Through vision, leadership, influence, funding and accountability the First Five Years Fund advances federal investment in quality early childhood education for disadvantaged children from birth to age five.

FFYF provides policymakers, advocates, business leaders and the public with the research and information necessary to make informed investments in quality early childhood development.

We help align best practices with the best possible policies and work with advocacy groups, the White House and both parties in Congress to negotiate federal solutions that work for children, families, taxpayers and state governments.

Early childhood development is a practical, not partisan issue—so we collaborate with a diverse and wide range of federal and state advocates, business leaders and policymakers to help craft early childhood policies that provide lasting economic and social returns.