At this rate, it will take 150 years to enroll 75 percent of U.S. kids in quality preschool

Valerie Strauss Answer Sheet May 12, 2016
Universal quality pre-kindergarten has been gaining support around the country for years now, with solid research showing that it has real and lasting benefits for children — despite what critics argue. But, according to a new report, there is a real problem - while states are making real progress, others are moving at a snail's pace.

By W. Steven Barnett

At a time of particularly divisive politics in our country, there’s widespread bipartisan agreement about at least one thing: smart early investments in our kids pay off for their future, our communities, and our economy. But with quality preschool still out of reach for millions of children, it’s clear that we have a long way to go. Preschool enrollment in the United States falls well below that of other developed countries, and those who need these services most – children from low-income families – have the least access to strong early education programs.