Welcome to STEAM: Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics in Early Childhood Education

STEAM integrates the arts in the STEM curriculum to allow children to apply their academic skills in ways that support intellectual development, creativity, innovation, and problem solving. The interdisciplinary nature of the STEAM encourages inquiry, exploration, and critical thinking grounded in children’s real world experiences.  This webinar will provide examples of STEAM in action in early childhood classrooms and show how this approach supports children in achieving Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards benchmarks.

Gateways Content Areas: (D) - Curriculum or Program Design
CDA Content Area: (2) - Physical/Intellectual

*Recommended sessions to attend after attending Welcome to STEAM*
-Understanding the Mathematics Found in Exploration, Investigation and Play
-Building Mathematical Connections and Relationships that Promote School Readiness
-Making Sense of Number Sense

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