Developing and Sustaining Community Partners

This training experience offers multiple facets to support work in your local community, with each aspect focused on the goal of developing and sustaining community partnerships to benefit your early care and education programming.  First, community partnership work is strengthened with an understanding of collaboration theory and the context of systems building efforts across the birth to five field.  We will then move to exploring the following questions together, and your experience of collaborative efforts at the community level:

  • What are collaborations?
  • What do they do in communities and how do they support access for children and families and quality of early care and education?
  • How can you use collaboration theory in your approach to building community partnerships to advance your work?

Our discussion of collaboration theory will move to hands-on work on developing and sustaining community partnerships with a deep dive in to a toolkit of resources to support local community collaboration work.  The review of the organization of the toolkit, and the resources within, will further develop your understanding of how to approach partnerships.  With sample tools most applicable to your stage of partnership work, we will explore issues related to implementing collaboration building strategies in your local community.  The practical application of tools, including how to tailor to your individual community, will make up part of the hands-on work and discussion.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participant will understand facets of collaboration theory and systems building efforts.
  2. Participant will discuss community level collaborations, what they do, their impact and ways to leverage this approach in their own work.
  3. Participant will learn how to access community collaboration resources.
  4. Participant will explore local implementation of community systems building resource tools.

Gateways Content Area: (F) - Family Community Relationships
CDA Content Area: (5) - Program Management

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