Responding to Curiosity in a Powerful Interaction®

It is strongly recommended to attend webinar 1 as a foundation for the webinars that follow.

Webinar 3
Children's are naturally curious about everything from mixing paint colors to the bugs they find.  Yet sometimes we can be uncertain about what our role should be in these moments.  In our webinar we will think together about how we can join children in their curiosity and use that moment to extend their learning.

*Participants are welcome to study the book Powerful Interactions: How to Connect with Children to Extend Learning (Dombro, Jablon and Stetson) as a supplement to the webinars.

Webinar 1 - Relationships Matter!  Powerful Interactions® to Start the School Year - September 19, 2019 (208007027)
Webinar 2 - Tuning In to Build Language in Powerful Interactions® - October 21, 2019 (208007028)
Webinar 4 - Solving Problems Together in Powerful Interactions® - January 23, 2020 (208007030)
Webinar 5 - Linking the New to the Familiar in a Powerful Interaction® - February 20, 2020 (208007031)
Webinar 6 - High Quality Feedback Builds Children’s Learning in a Powerful Interaction® - March 18, 2020 (208007032)

Gateways Topic: Interactions with Children
Gateways Content Area: (E) Interactions, Relationships and Environments
Gateways CDA: (6) Professionalism

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