Solving Problems Together in Powerful Interactions®

It is strongly recommended to attend webinar 1 as a foundation for the webinars that follow.

Webinar 4
Children encounter all sorts of challenges to their thinking every day, from analyzing shapes to figuring out how to draw a dog.  We can help children build the thinking skills that enable them to successfully tackle these challenges – and later ones like reading comprehension and thinking scientifically – by joining them in a Powerful Interaction.  Programs that use CLASS: This session will address key elements of the CLASS dimension of Concept Development.

*Participants are welcome to study the book Powerful Interactions: How to Connect with Children to Extend Learning (Dombro, Jablon and Stetson) as a supplement to the webinars.

Webinar 1 - Relationships Matter!  Powerful Interactions® to Start the School Year - September 19, 2019 (208007027)
Webinar 2 - Tuning In to Build Language in Powerful Interactions® - October 21, 2019 (208007028)
Webinar 3 - Responding to Curiosity in a Powerful Interaction® - November 18, 2019 (208007029)
Webinar 5 - Linking the New to the Familiar in a Powerful Interaction® - February 20, 2020 (208007031)
Webinar 6 - High Quality Feedback Builds Children’s Learning in a Powerful Interaction® - March 18, 2020 (208007032)

Gateways Topic: Interactions with Children
Gateways Content Area: (E) Interactions, Relationships and Environments
Gateways CDA: (6) Professionalism

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