Teaching Strategies GOLD Online: Introduction for Teachers

This session introduces teachers to Teaching Strategies GOLD, a web-based, developmentally appropriate assessment system for children from birth through kindergarten. Teachers will explore the structure, features, and functionality of the tool and practice using it to follow the four-step assessment cycle. By the end of the session, teachers will have the basic skills they need to begin implementing Teaching Strategies GOLD online in their classrooms.

Prerequisite: Participants must have already attended The Introduction and Implimentation of the Creaive Curriculum/The Foundations of The Creative Curriculum for Preschool workshop or another research based, developmentally appropriate curriculum workshop.

Requirement: Bring a laptop or tablet to the training. This is an online training and you will need to be able to access the Teaching Strategies GOLD website. You need to have your GOLD online login information and The Objective for Development and Learning book.

Gateways Content Areas: (C) - Observation and Assessment
Gateways Topic Area: (OBS) - Observation, Evaluation and Documentation

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