Yoga and the Young Child

In this workshop participants will be given a brief introduction to concepts used in yoga.  Participants will learn breathing strategies that they can teach to young children. These strategies will help children with self-regulation. Specific yoga poses will be demonstrated, and participants will practice them so they will be able to use them with young children. Throughout this process participants will discover the purpose of the pose and how it relates to the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards and children's overall development (Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Physical). This is a very interactive workshop and participants will spend the majority of their time learning appropriate yoga poses. There will be small group work, where participants will practice putting a few yoga poses together that they can use with children immediately. Please dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat or large beach towel.

Gateways Content Area:  (B) - Health, Safety and Well-Being
Gateways Topics:  PHY = Physical Fitness

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