FRED ROGERS CENTER For Early Learning and Children’s Media

Members of the Fred Rogers Center Advisory Council are distinguished national leaders in the fields of early learning and children’s media. The Advisors provide guidance and expert advice in planning and program development for the Center.  Most Advisors knew Fred Rogers professionally and personally. And now, all adhere to his mission, beliefs and core values of respect, empathy and the "deep and simple.”    The Center and the site continue helping children grow into "confident, competent and caring" human beings. Meaningful programs are presented with the knowledge that understanding and compassion are fundamental to children’s healthy social and emotional development.  The Center, in Pennsylvania, supports the  development of current and emerging leaders in the fields of early learning and children’s media. It supports professional advancement and mentoring educational opportunities, research and special collaborations, resources and information on the developmentally appropriate use of media. It is the official home of the phenomenal Fred Rogers archive. One must peruse that section of the site to realize how much has been preserved and is being presented. The site also has an incredibly extensive blog.  The success of the Center and the website is due to the fact that all those involved hold fast to the vision and preserve the legacy of the icon who was Fred Rogers.