WestEd - Infant and Toddler Reflective Curriculum Planning, Part I

This Webinar provides an overview of how to translate research into teacher practice to improve program quality for infants and toddlers. Part I focuses on current research about how infants and toddlers learn and develop, J. Ronald Lally and Peter Mangione, Co-Directors of The Center for Child & Family Studies at WestEd, discuss a reflective planning process and strategies to help teachers plan an appropriate curriculum for youngsters.  It is grounded in observation and documentation of infants and toddlers pursuing their natural learning agenda. This webinar is the first a series that presents principles, a planning process, and strategies to help teachers support children’s learning from birth to three years of age. It is based on current research on how to facilitate infant and toddler learning social-emotional, language, intellectual, and perceptual and motor development.  Resources for this webinar, such as audio recordings and PDFs of the PowerPoint presentation, are available for download. You can also access the complete webinar recording in WebEx with the chat.