Explore Technology


Technology is constantly improving. Calculators and video tapes were considered high-tech in the recent past, now your child may be familiar with DVDs, iPods and Flat-screens. Expose your child and make them aware of new technology around them. 

Tools and Materials

tools of technology 

Steps to take

Steps detailed below 

At Home

If you have more time 

  • Have a scavenger hunt and have your child find several things that use technology. Make a list as you use items around the house that use technology. Talk about how the items are used.

On the Go

If you have more time 

  • If a store has a self checkout, have your child help you scan a few items. Or point out how the person at the checkout scans the item. Then show your child how the items appear on the screen with the prices and that is how we know what we have to pay.
  • If you have a digital camera, cell phone that takes pictures, or other technology for taking pictures, help your child take a picture and then view it.
  • Show your child how you use the ATM machine at your bank. Explain that you put money in the bank and that is how you can take money out.

Words to Know

Technology    Digital    Scanner    Checkout

Possible Observations

Names objects; asks questions; listens