Living Healthy


Children need to move their body to release energy. Movement helps the child to explore and makes him feel good and increases self confidence. Healthy children are ready to listen and learn.

Tools and Materials

Have your child wear a helmet when riding a bike or using a scooter.

Steps to take

Use daily routines to talk about health and preventing illness - washing hands, meals, bedtimes.

At Home

If you have 3 minutes

  • When leaving the kitchen ask child to jump to the next room. Jump on and off a step. Ask child to shake out the wiggles before sitting down to eating.
  • Have your child wash hands before and after meals and when coming in from outside. Use soap and water, rub hands under running water and continue doing this for 15 seconds (you can sing the alphabet song).

If you have 3 minutes or more

  • Have a simple bedtime routine that includes washing up, brushing teeth, quiet activity, and a regular bedtime. In preparing meals, talk about healthy choices for food.

If you have more time

  • Play the freeze game. Sing or play music, stop the music, and have everyone freeze (stop). Dance with your children to music on TV or radio.

On the Go

If you have 3 minutes   

  • While in the car, Discuss use of seat belts, car seats. If playing music on the car radio, have your child pretend to play an instrument or lead the band.

If you have 3 minutes or more

  • Sing songs for movement- like "Head Shoulders, Knees, and Toes", Do the "Twist".

If you have more time

  • Play a game asking your child to name 5 fruits, name 5 vegetables. Then go on to name three vegetables that are green. Continue this game with other healthy food choices.
  • Play with a ball. Roll the ball- "How far can you roll it?", "How far can you throw it?", "Can you bounce the ball?"
  • Move around like different animals: elephants swinging their trunks; snakes slithering; frogs jumping; kangaroos hopping on 2 feet;hop on one foot, like a flamingo.

Words to Know

healthy    safety    exercise    forward    backward    fruit    vegetable

Possible Observations

Develops motor skills; names healthy foods; develops healthy hygiene; sings songs using words and movements; follows a routine; responds to requests; follows safety rules