Young Dual Language Learners: Resources for Illinois Higher Education

Introduction & Preliminary Information

Foundations of second language acquisition along with the social and cultural adaptation of the English Language Learner (ELL) in the early childhood classroom form the basis for these modules. You will have an opportunity examine the myths and misconceptions about Second Language Learning in the early childhood classroom as well as how to fulfill the needs of English Language Learners to provide students with insights in assisting with their instructional strategies in the early childhood classroom. Additional topics include: developing proficiency in English, bilingualism in the home, responding to linguistic and cultural diversity, understanding and negotiating cultural differences.

Ongoing Modules - Self directed
Modules Facilitator: Pat Chamberlain

The suggested text to support you while reviewing and completing the modules is One Child, Two Languages, Second Edition, by Patton O. Tabors.

About the Online Modules and Preliminaries

Review this content for an introduction to on-line learning and the skills necessary to make the most of your learning experience. There is a discussion forum available on this site in the Forums.  

General Resources

  • Delaware Early Childhood Resource Toolkit
    Specific emphasis on resources for supporting children who are culturally, linguistically, and ability diverse. Designed to align with Delaware's Early Learning Foundations.
  • Diversity and Equity
    Build initiative - strong foundations for our youngest children.

  • Heartland Equity and Inclusion Project (HEIP)
    Resources for teaching the seven core courses that are central to community college early childhood curriculum across the state.

    Young English Language Learners: Current Research and Emerging Directions for Practice and Policy
    Garcia, E. & Frede, E. editors (2010) Teachers College Press.
    An excellent foundational text with basic information and research related to educating young English language learners.

  • Learning Table-Frank Porter Graham Project
    The Learning Table contains six content segments that present evidence-based approaches for young culturally, linguistically and ability diverse. Module 4 focuses on dual language learners. Each segment includes a webinar, electronic resources and a discussion area.

Continue to Module 1 - CULTURAL FOUNDATIONS IPTS 1A, 1E, 8D
In this module, we will look at cultures, cultural orientations and specific concepts related to acculturation.